Taku Hisamura (Artist / Sculptor)

Born in Tokyo, 1977.

Graduated form Tama Art University, Department of Sculpture in 2001. Began artistic activities in 2003 after being inspired by a “Todo School” lecture that he came across by chance.
Hisamura produces objective works that focus on changes in physical experience that occur when otherwise indistinct objects such as a wall, floor, ceiling, or pedestal are tweaked and concealed within an environment, The object is said to “exist without appearing to be”. Recent major exhibitions include: “Homemade Sculpture” (AI KOWADA GALLERY, Tokyo, 2016), “Contemporary Sculptor from JAPAN” (Open House at Central Embassy, Bangkok 2017), “Dogo Onsenart 2018” (Dogo Onsen and its surroundings, Ehime, 2018), “On the Verge of Fiction” (Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, 2019), “Repeat Play”(NADiff Window Gallery) and more.


I’m interested in the function and condition of mundane objects such as desks and chairs, ceilings, walls and pedestals, and even soap and clothes.
My works which are made by tweaking and manipulating them slightly, are works of art but retain their original nature and function, and they flicker between being art and not being art, depending on the people involved in the works and the changing circumstances surrounding the works.
It is not only the means to continue to question the institution of art, but to prepare for a world in which the institution of art does not function.