Taku Hisamura (Artist / Sculptor)

Born in Tokyo, 1977.

In 2003, inspired by a lecture at Todo School, which I happened to listen to, he began presenting his work. From handmade to DIY craft, I actively choose techniques and materials that are considered to be on the periphery of art, and produces works that are barely viable through the art system, while changing them with a reductive ways.

Recent major solo exhibitions include: “Homemade Sculpture” (AI KOWADA GALLERY, Tokyo, 2016), “Repeat Play”(NADiff Window Gallery, Tokyo, 2020), “One Point Sculptures”(GALLERY ROOM•A, Tokyo, 2021), “One Point Sculptures”(SOMSOC GALLERY, Tokyo, 2022). Recent maijor exhibitions includes: “26th UBE Biennale”(Tokiwa Park, Ube, 2015),  “Contemporary Sculptor from JAPAN” (Open House at Central Embassy, Bangkok, 2017), “Dogo Onsenart 2018” (Dogo Onsen and its surroundings, Ehime, 2018), “On the Verge of Fiction” (Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, 2019), “Tokyo Biennale 2020/2021″(Across the 4 wards – Chiyoda City, Chuo City, Bunkyo City, and Taito City – of the Northeastern area of central Tokyo, 2021), “Renew-LAB to begin in the future”(Art-lab Sagamihara, 2021), “Organizing Daily Life”(Hajimari art center, Fukushima, 2022) and more.


I am interested in the function and state of common objects such as desks, chairs, ceilings, walls, pedestals, even soap and clothes. My works, which are formed by slightly modifying and manipulating them, retain their original properties and functions even though they are works of art, and they flicker between being art and not being art, depending on the people involved and the changing circumstances surrounding the work. It is a means of continually questioning the institution of art, and a preparation for a world in which the institution of art does not function.